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WhatsApp has started rolling out the end-to-end encryption feature, which one can use to secure all personal messages. Till now this encryption was given only in WhatsApp chats. Actually, because of end-to-end encryption, no one else can access the chats of the users. That is, apart from the sender and receiver, neither WhatsApp nor any agency can take access to these chats.

Many times you must have heard that WhatsApp chats have been leaked. Actually, most of the time WhatsApp chats leak from the backup itself, because till now end-to-end encryption was not provided in the backup. The company has said that after the introduction of end-to-end encryption in WhatsApp chat backup, now no one will be able to read the backup. The platform on which WhatsApp chats are being backed up also cannot read your backups.

Procedure to enable end-to-end encrypted backup

Open WhatsApp on your mobile phone and go to the Settings section. Here click on Chats and go to the Chat Backup option. The option of end-to-end encrypted backup will be available in the chat backup option. Next by tapping here. You will then be asked to create an encryption key or password.

After creating the encryption key or password, tap Done. After this WhatsApp will create an end-to-end encrypted backup. It may take some time.

The 64-digit encryption code will be used to help

users of both platforms secure their chats as an encrypted backup on Google Drive and iCloud. Once the backup is encrypted, service providers such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Apple, and Google will also no longer be able to view its content as it will be encrypted using 64-key encryption.

Remember the recovery code

Before backing up chats, remember your 64 digit recovery code used as security, if you forget this code you will not be able to view your own chat backups and media and Even WhatsApp won’t help you with this.


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