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Social media platforms WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram have suddenly stopped working worldwide. This problem came to the fore around 9.15 pm on Monday night. All three social media platforms have billions of users all over the world including India. After this people immediately started giving their reactions on Twitter. Facebook shares have fallen as much as 6% since the outage.

Thousands of users complained

This problem of outage persists even after a lapse of several hours. People are neither able to send nor receive messages. This problem is coming due to the company’s server being down. According to outage tracking company Downdetector.com, 80 thousand users have filed complaints with WhatsApp and more than 50 thousand have filed complaints with Facebook.

Facebook and WhatsApp have clarified that Facebook owns all three Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. After the service was stopped, Facebook has said that some people are having trouble using the app. We apologize for this. Soon this problem will be fixed.

At the same time, in a statement issued by WhatsApp on social media, it has been said that we know that some people are facing problems at this time. We are working to get things back to normal and will let you know as soon as possible. thank you for your patience.

Facebook is rarely down

There are very few cases of Facebook being down. Nevertheless, when this happens, there is a lot of impact on social media users all over the world, because all three major social media platforms belong to Facebook. The company does not give any information about such slow down, nor does it give any reason for this.

Even after the problem was resolved, the company does not explain why this happened. In 2019, Facebook had the biggest slowdown ever. Even at that time, the company had only said that some fault had occurred during the routine maintenance operation. It was taken away.

Problems everywhere on Android, iOS, and PC

The problem of downing all three platforms has appeared on all Android, iOS, and PC. While Facebook and Instagram users are unable to update the news feed, WhatsApp users were unable to send any messages.

Zuckerberg admitted a serious issue

American technology blog The Verge published a leaked transcript of the 2019 slowdown. It was told that the company’s chief executive Mark Zuckerberg had considered such a slowdown as a serious issue. He believed that any such problem can divert people to use the platform of our competitors. It can take months to win people’s trust when this happens.

What does the company have to say about the current slowdown?

Company spokesman Andy Stone said on Twitter that we apologize for the inconvenience caused to people. People are having trouble accessing our apps and products. We are working to get things back to normal as soon as possible. However, Stone did not say why this problem happened and how long it will take to get better.

Platforms were stalling for 42 minutes 6 months ago

Even about 6 months ago, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook were stalling all over the world for 42 minutes. Then this problem started at 11.05 pm and continued till around 11:47 pm. WhatsApp has been downloaded more than 5 billion times in the world.

WhatsApp has crashed several times in the past due to increased load on the server. Soon this problem is resolved. That much time is enough to trouble billions of users. However, there are few reports of WhatsApp crashing all over the world.


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