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There is a lockdown in the country to avoid the corona virus, people are still working from their home. Now, since most homes do not have an office-like table or chair, so people prefer to work by sitting on the bed. In such a situation, you can take help of laptop table. There are many comfortable laptop tables in the market at the moment which can further improve your work from home.

Portronics Adjustable Laptop Table

The adjustable laptop table of Portronics called my buddy + is quite popular. You can make this table up and down according to your need, and make it small. There is also a small fan in this table, which you can connect to your laptop and turn it on, it will also keep your device cool. The price of this table is Rs. 1,799. It is light and can be used easily. It has used very good quality. You can also fold this table.

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MemeHo Smart Laptop Table

MemeHo’s smart multi-purpose laptop is the best seller on Amazon India. Its price is only 949 rupees, you can fold it but cannot adjust it. It has used very good quality. There is enough space in it and it has been given a separate space to keep the tablet.

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Adjustable table

This is a special kind of laptop table, you can use it on the bed, also with the chair. It is available online on Flipkart / Amazon India. Different brands make such tables. It can be adjusted according to the height. You can use it while standing. It goes from Rs 1200 to Rs 1500. By folding this table, you can keep it under your bed.

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