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Whenever you hear or read the name of Pornhub, pornography comes to your mind, but have you ever thought that someone also watches maths videos on Pornhub. It’s true that a master at Pornhub takes math classes on Pornhub. This teacher is from Taiwan and his name is Changshu. Changshu takes math classes at Pornhub.

Now you must be thinking that why would anyone watch math videos on Pornhub, then you will be surprised to know that Changshu’s maths videos on Pornhub have millions of views and they earn up to $250,000 every year.

The teacher’s id is on pornhub in the name of changshumath666 and this account is also verified. According to the report, apart from Changshu Pornhub, many other porn websites also upload math videos. The name of Xvideos is also included in this list, although his videos on XVideos do not get as many views as those found on Pornhub. 

The message ‘Play hard, study hard’ is written on Changshu’s channel. He can be seen in a gray hoodie and glasses in each of the videos. He solves math’s questions on the green board and their formulas are also different. Most of Changshu’s videos are calculus. Changshu often uploads videos of solutions to questions that are difficult.

Changshu says he doesn’t want the world to know him as a math teacher on Pornhub but as a calculus teacher. Changshu can also be found on Instagram and YouTube.


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