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Snapchat is an American multimedia messaging app developed by Snap Inc., originally Snapchat Inc. The social platform Snapchat uses its own language. Hence, users are not easily able to understand the meaning of its words, especially the users who use Snapchat for the first time. Here we are giving information about the common terms of Snapchat required for you-

Snapcode: This is a QR code linked to a particular user. Each user has a unique snapcode which makes it easy to add friends. This can be seen by clicking on the profile on the top left of the screen.

Bitmoji: This is a cartoon avatar of yours. If you have not posted a story and you are typing in realtime or in profile then your bitmoji will be displayed.

Capture Button: This is a circular button located at the bottom of Snapchat’s main interface. To take a photo, clicking it once and holding it will record the video. Images and videos are both called snaps.

My Story / Our Story: This is a series of snaps or videos that you can then share with some friends (My Story) or Public (Our Story). When you want to show images to many people, not just one person.

Chat: Most users know what Snap is, but new users don’t know that this app also has a standard chat function similar to iMessage or Facebook Messenger. You can see your conversion lists by swiping left from the camera interface.

Discover: You can see other people’s stories by swiping right on your profile. It will have the stories of friends at the top and below them the stories of websites, celebrities, and advertisers.

Snapchat Score: This is a numerical score of users’ activity on the Snapchat platform, which each user can see in their profile. There are several criteria for activation, but this is primarily based on the number of snaps you send.

Team Snapchat: Snapchat sometimes sends messages to users, most of which are messages, updates or holidays. Although these messages are not common, they are likely to appear in Team Snapchat, listed in chats.


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